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the evolving cultural effects of the digital landscape. Marketing and business advisory services, speaking, and workshops are what I sell.

The modern business world is all about conveying a lot of information digitally for those times when you can’t be face to face with your customer.

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Rahul Kumar

aug 7, 2019

you might have to learn a tiny bit about how to make something happen with technology to be able to use tools like video and podcasts or email newsletters to reach people. But my point is that using that kind of tech isn’t (shouldn’t be) your big worry and focus.

Amit Singh

aug 2, 2019

It is the perfect opportunity for a massive company to bring a down-to-earth personable set of interactions to people who they hope to serve, and it’s a chance to say to those people.

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The biggest opportunity all this technology has afforded us is the chance to share what we find interesting and to potentially connect with others we can help or who can enrich our lives or businesses.

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